Our Five Pillars

Believing that we do not have to damage the earth to accomplish our dreams, our aim is to offer the future generations a state of the art tourism-conservation project that will deliver to our guests what we consider to be the 5 pillars of a great vacation.


Come and indulge in marble interiors, private pools and breathtaking sea views. Just a short walk away, beautiful powdery sands and crystal clear waters await. All of this is surrounded by the stunning landscape of one of Greece's finest islands.

Our team intends to redefine the meaning of luxury in hospitality to an experience where we offer our guests what is really worthwhile:personal freedom, warmth, joy, unrivalled privacy, passion and the creation of beautiful emotions. For us, this is true luxury. Luxury starts with your suite.



In order to preserve its natural beauty and protect it from the environmental degradation that usually follows mass tourism, we decided to break away from the widely followed principle of over-building and to pursue a different route by creating LuxurIOS Island Experience and Ios Eternal, a unique tourism and conservation project that will develop only 1% of our land and leave 99% of it unbuilt.

Under our conservation project we have planted more than 55,000 trees and bushes around the island to restore the habitat that had previously been burned repeatedly by wild fires and land deforestation. In addition, some 535 ancient olive trees (most of them more than 300-years-old) which were about to be cut and sold for firewood in Athens, were transported across from the mainland by boat to Ios. They were destined to become firewood and instead have been given a second life on Ios. lt is inspiring to watch them give it all they have in order to grow again in their new home. Here, with the help of specialists, 97% of them survived and they are now thriving in their new locations. For more information.



One of the most important historical landmarks in Cyclades is located only 40 minutes away:Skarkos is one of oldest villages in the world that was created approximately 5,000 years ago by people who are considered to be the first inhabitants of Ios and among the earliest settlers of Europe.

Ios is also a place of mythological importance as it is considered to be the last resting place of the great poet Homer. Come and discover these intriguing parts of history.



At Calilo, we believe that privacy is the new luxury. Our resort sits alone on a 1,000 acre plot of land with 300 meters of sandy beach, offering our guests the opportunity to reconnect with nature or a loved one in complete privacy.


Ios's village, famous for its vibrant nightlife, is only 25 minutes away by car or by boat. There, our guests can enjoy the nightlife of one of the most lively party towns in the Cyclades, which was created in the spirit of love and fun by the hippies in the seventies. Explore over 35 bars and nightclubs, each one with its own unique character, in the heart of the town of Chora.

Furthermore, Ios has many other types entertainment from cosy bars to energetic beach clubs. No matter your style, you will find something that suits you in Ios.